An ever-growing library of integrations means that you don’t have to publish material in several places, most things happen automatically. Each time!

We love integrations for
Digital Signage!

Integrations lower the number of hours spent on publishing the same information over and over again on several different platforms. With easy to use interface it is easy to make it happen in PLAYipp.
Best part? It’s automatic each and every time after setup!

Social media


Pick which page you want to show. The information is then published in ready-made widgets and you choose how many updates to broadcast.


Showcase great pictures from your feed onto screens with premade widgets.


By integrating Twitter with PLAYipp you will quickly broadcast your latest tweets onto digital screens.


Play, share or even go LIVE, everything is possible with this integration.


How smart wouldn’t it be to collect all social channels and broadcast them chronological in one integration? Well in our “social feeder” that’s just what you do! Boom, bam, thank you, mam.

Staircase screens


With PLAYipp and FastAPI you will take tenant communication to the next level. By integrating Fast API with digital SIgnage by PLAYipp you can quickly present the tenents on your screens. Best thing? It will automatically update when data changes.


PLAYipps integration to Vitec gives real estate brokers, property owners and all other users of the Vitec system a great way of extracting information from Vitec and publish it on your screens.


Power BI

Pick among your Power Bi dashboards or reports and broadcast them to digital screens with PLAYipp. You can use several sources and schedule the content for your audience to see it when its the most relevant.

Facebook Workplace

With a few clicks, you will set up Facebook Workplace and be able to share it on digital screens with the help of PLAYipp. A great way to get more to see your information.

Microsoft Calendar

With this widget you pick data from all outlook/Microsoft calendars you got available and display them as either a slideshow or a weekly view.


Start the integration, pick your topics and display them right on to your screens. All done in premade widgets.


Did you know that 1+1=3? At least when you decide to use both our Digital Signage solution with the prime platform for employee communication – Beework. Beework is an app to make co-working communication lightning-fast and easy to understand.

Microsoft Sharepoint

With this integration, you can share information from your intranet directly to the business. Engage your employees and let the right information be available both quickly and nicely!
We offer both Lists & Pages (beta).

Stock data

Now is the time to let others know how things are going for that stock that is important to you. Or why not a whole index or a whole stock market?


Share pages and posts form your WordPress website and let your employees and visitors take part of your news and content!


With Visbook you can display your bookings for conference rooms on to your digital signage screens. This gives a clear impression for visitors who immediately get the information they are looking for!

Integrations for Norwegian traffic

Show departures for different stops throughout Norway. With Entur you can show departures for different types of traffic. Airport traffic, buses, trains, trams and more.


Website screenshot

With this smart integration you can display a website on your digital signage screen. This function takes a screenshot of the site you want to show and will update this screenshot with a few minutes apart.

This integration will even let you display pages that lies beyond a “login-wall”. For example, to show the latest news on your intranet to your employees. In the free version, this integration will update the screenshot once an hour.



We got our own API (application programming interface). Wanna integrate yourself? Just go a head, help yourselves!

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