PLAYipp Digital Signage Platform

We gave you superpowers by features. Making sure you have what you need to make great communication.

Digital Signage filled with functionality

We know that communication well done needs power, usability and a lot of smartness therefore we spent the last 15 years and more fueling PLAYipp with loads of great stuff. We are proud to say that with us, you will have just about all possibilities you need for making engaging, great communication, both internal and external.

Layout and templates


By dividing the screen into different areas you can broadcast several messages, from several sources at the same time.

Screen layout

PLAYipp has several pre-made templates but you could just as well create your own. We made it easy. If you want to change layouts at certain times, you can schedule it, just as easily.


Wanna make sure the screen looks awesome? Use the preview and you can see whats on. Or take a screen-grab and dig into each pixel if you want to!

Vertical or horizontal

Where ever you place your screen, you can be sure that we got it covered. If you want to change in between as you go, that aint a problem either.

Message templates

Our own, quick message tool. Got something to say don’t wanna use an integration? You can quickly and with no pre knowledge create a good looking message on your screen with us.

QUICK start

We make sure you up and running in 3 small steps.

Same product, unique results

Image and Video

Media library

All your material collected in one single folder. You can save images, videos and documents.

HLS Stream

Stream HMLS (High-Level Material System) without converting to PLAYipp. Regardless of content, all you have to do is press play.


Can it get more simple? Add a QR code into your content and let the view scan it to get even more info. Perfect for the long messages, updated workflows or just that amazing video that they should enjoy.


Want to share images, movies or presentations to your screens. No worries – We handle pretty much every format out there and its even drag n’ drop.

YouTube & YouTube LIVE

Going LIVE? feel free or embed the video to let it stream across your network.

Administration and control

Schedule content

There is nothing worse than seeing information that is irrelevant, is there? Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by scheduling content for your audience.

User permissions

Each user can have different permission levels in PLAYipp. Supersmart if you have a team of content creators that need to handle certain parts of your screen or even screen network.

Energy saving

Make sure your screen is on when needed but maybe just as important to be off when not seen. Saving your money and the products life cycle time.

Screen network

Working with several screens it important to have it all structured and under control. We let you group screens making it even faster to publish to a network of screens.

Fallback and priority

Never ever shall your screen be black or empty! When you have nothing else to show make sure you have a fallback image, could be that summer party or an awesome cat.
When you have something really important, let it fill your screen and take stage as it deserves. That fall back and priority for you.

Technical specifications


PLAYipp can be activated by using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for even faster access.

Activation on screen

Activate your hardware right up on the screen, without extra hardware. Fast, faster, fastest!

Cloud based

PLAYipp is completely power by your browser and the internet. Never ever will you have to download anything.


They are small but powerful, like little micro software, they contain predesigned content such as weather, time, social media etc. Great way to quickly add content.


If you can integrate. Well, say hello to Facebook, Power-Bi, Yammer and many more. We love to build integrations!


We have our own API (application programming interface) if you want to build your own integrations you are more than welcome, be our guest!


Make sure your screen is online. If not you can at least be certain that it will always show its latest update. So never ever will it go dark.


PLAYipp supports most screens on the market today. If we for any reason don’t support yours, you can always use PLAYport HD – a small media player making sure we look great even on that screen.

Digital signage with touch screen

If your digital information screen supports touch, you can navigate through a website by publishing a web link in PLAYipp. All you need is a PLAYport HD, a USB and a touch screen then you are ready to tap away!



Share any calendar you want that supports iCal, it can be your teams or your soccer teams calendar. Both are great content we say.


Well, aren’t we all interested in the weather? Broadcast it onto your screens.


Subscribe to any RSS-feed with our widget and automatically get updates from news outlets, papers, agencies and so on. The list is most likely endless.


Sometimes we want to count down, or up. Both work fine. It doesn´t even have to be the final countdown.

Clock & dates

It’s obvious that we all have to relate to time. Broadcast it on a screen so all can see.


This is a pretty nifty little widget. By answering an email you update the content, perfect for updating KPI’s

PLAYipp Resturantmenu

Menus are the perfect way to display menus in the restaurant. Build for the day, week or recurring. Everything is up to you. Let your guests see what you serve.

PLAYipp Tenants

With the tenant list, you can easily create your own lists of your tenants and addresses. The lists are published on your screens in the stairwell where the guests live.

You gotta love integrations!

We know we do. So we keep making more. The benefit for you is that if you update in one place, your screen will automagically get the same information. Stop publish twice and go all integrations on us!

Share your feeds.
Shaowcase your best shots!
Power BI
Visualize dashboard or reports, lightning fast.
Traffic information in real time. Never miss the bus again.
Yammer feeds right up on your screen for more to see and engage in.
Integrate your lists and pages!

How much?

Being our customer is meant to be easy and clear. PLAYipp will help you with analysis, prospecting and delivery. Everything is included and you have full access to our support team. We want you to be successful, from day 1.

  • Always free support.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No user limit.
  • Back-up is on us.

How much?

PLAYipp® Digital Signage Platform
fr. 23.5
Price is per license/screen. All included no surcharge, no hidden fees.


We know more about Digital Signage than most. We decided to collect it for you. Feel free to steal, get inspired or learn and go create your best solution for digital communication.
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Case studies

How do you communicate with employees in 120 countries at the same time?

With the help of PLAYipp of course! A prerequisite for success is that information is communicated through one single channel.

PLAYipp Digital Signage at Asker International School
Case studies

Information revolution at Asker International School

The implementation of PLAYipp digital signage at Asker International School has led to significant improvements in communication and engagement within the school community. The digital screens have become a central feature for disseminating information.

Case studies

Customer case study: Malmö university

Clear screen structure resolves Malmö university's complex needs for information sharing Case Study Malmö university An academic institution dedicated to research and higher education.Visit webiste Location Malmö Size 1800 employees and 25000 students Industry Higher Education Public Sector Number of…

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