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PLAYipp develops software and media players for Digital Signage and the app Mobile View for communication through smartphones

Digitala Informationsskärmar

Digital signage

Digital signage is to inform and communicate through digital screens. It can for example be used in offices, public places, in restaurants and within retail. PLAYipp delivers a fully scalable plug and play solution for digital signage that matches your information needs.

Mobile View

Mobile View

Mobile View is the company’s information app. Through Mobile View the employees have immediate access to urgent messages, news, discussions, KPI’s, and all other important company information – no matter where they are. All branded with the company’s graphic profile.

PLAYipp user quotes

"We are a company with a broad activity where everybody does not daily take part of the intranet. With screens in our lunch rooms we better reach out within the company.”
Heléne Jansdotter LindholmRagn-sells
“They’re really interested in seeing how we use the screens and also comments on how we might improve the material. I think it’s really unique with such a relationship with a supplier in this industry.”
Jacob Österberg
Coor Service Management
”The information can be updated with both central and local information at the same time as production data is published to the screens in real time."
Jan HögnelidOvako
"The digital screens will not replace all other forms of communication, but they are an incredibly strong complement. We see the opportunity to grow with this solution."
Jonas NyströmAGA
"Above all, a friendly user interface in a reasonable price range. Technology and functionality is also driven by customer benefit. Many others offered a desktop product which were sketched to what they believed customers want."
Catharina JohanssonSchenker Åkeri AB
"PLAYipp has helped with a good base and even made templates so even seldom users can post things that look great. The system is also flexible, anyone can make it work. And we can get the urgent things out quickly!"
Camilla MagnussonKarolinska Institutet

About PLAYipp

PLAYipp's vision:

To be your obvious choice of information solution

PLAYipp has become the obvious choice of information solution for both small companies and multinational corporations who wants to make their communication more effective.

Messages are published to both digital information screens and smartphones through PLAYipp Manager’s user-friendly interface. With PLAYipp’s fully scalable solutions you get flexibility and full freedom.

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