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Welcome to basic training in PLAYipp®!

In this webinar, we will guide you through the process of publishing and scheduling content, creating and working with QUICKnotes, while sharing our tips and tricks!

This webinar is suitable for both beginners and those seeking to refresh their knowledge.

When, where & how?

June 11
14.00 – 14.45 (GMT+1)

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This webinar covers the basics of PLAYipp, including message templates, playlists, screen lists, and simple image management. It is suitable for those who are new to PLAYipp or need to refresh their basic skills.


This webinar delves deeper into one or more functions of PLAYipp. The specific functions covered vary from webinar to webinar. It is suitable for more experienced users or those interested in deepening their knowledge. While previous experience with PLAYipp is helpful, it is not required.


This webinar provides inspiration and knowledge about topics related to digital signage and communication. Sometimes we combine inspiration with a practical part where we show how it works inside PLAYipp. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of knowledge and experience.

At PLAYipp, we love webinars – really! They’re a great way for us to reach out to you as a customer, partner, or simply someone who’s curious. Our webinars are divided into three categories, making it easier for participants to understand the content. And as always, we welcome suggestions for topics to cover.

  • All webinars are free
  • All webinars are recorded, and participants receive a copy of the recording
  • While our webinars primarily target PLAYipp’s customers or partners, everyone is welcome to participate.

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