A constantly growing library of integrations for digital signage



Display your employees’ attendance status on screens, or post a feed from Beework to drive engagement.

Facebook Workplace

Share posts from Facebook Workplace directly on the company’s digital information screens to engage your employees.



Fetch data from your predefined screens in Omnia.


Viva Engage

Create an integration and choose from your “Topics” to share posts directly to your digital information screens.

Salesforce Chatter

Through the connection to Salesforce Chatter, you can retrieve the company’s feeds and display them directly on your digital information screen.

Business intelligence


Visualize your data like a champion! With Tableau on your screens, you can communicate data like never before!

Stock data

It’s time to let others know how that crucial stock is performing for you. Or why not display an entire index or stock exchange?

Calendars and Bookings

Google Calendar

Keep track of everything happening with calendar events from Google Calendar displayed as an agenda, weekly, or monthly calendar on the screen.

BRP Systems

With the integration to BRP Systems, you can display which classes will be held, at which location, at what time, and in which room.

Microsoft Calendar

Display calendar events from Microsoft/Outlook as an agenda, weekly, or monthly calendar.

Microsoft Room Calendar

Display calendar events from Microsoft Room Calendar as an agenda, weekly, or monthly calendar.

Svenska kyrkans calendar

Show upcoming events from Svenska kyrkans calendars in one of our event widgets.



With Visbook, you can easily and clearly display conference room bookings on your digital information screen.

Sociala medier

Traffic data


Display departures for various stops across Norway. Entur provides departures for flights, buses, trains, trams, and more.

GTFS Sverige

Help people on the go by displaying departure times for stops across Sweden. The traffic information is sourced from Trafiklab and Resrobot.


Assist people on the go by showing departure times for stops managed by Västtrafik. Perhaps on a screen at the entrance.

Real Estate



With the integration to Mspecs, you as a realtor can display your properties directly on your digital screens.


The integration with Vitec allows realtors, property owners, or other users of Vitec to share information directly from the system to the screen.


MET Norway

What’s the weather like? With data from MET Norway, your digital information screens can display weather from all over the world.



Fetch any RSS feed and publish it on your company’s digital screens using our feed widgets.


Retrieve the latest pages or posts from a WordPress site and display them on your company’s digital information screens.

Other Systems Compatible with PLAYipp



Visualize KPIs and let the entire organization share in all the progress using Kilkaya and PLAYipp!



Want to display job openings directly on your screens? Use Teamtailor and PLAYipp to seamlessly share available positions directly!



Gauge the wellbeing of your organization and display the results on digital information screens.


Play/share YouTube videos as well as YouTube Live broadcasts on your digital screens.

Website screenshot

With this smart integration, you can easily display a website on your digital information screen from PLAYipp. The integration takes a screenshot of the page you want to display and then updates that screenshot at regular intervals.

The integration even allows you to display pages that are behind “login walls”. For example, if you want to display your intranet. In the free version, this integration will update the screenshot it displays once an hour.



PLAYipp has its own API (Application Programming Interface) to simplify things for you. Want to integrate it yourself? Help yourselves. Want access to our API? Contact us!

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