We are PLAYipp.

A local company with a global mindset.

Who, who, who, who are we?

We are PLAYipp and we truly believe in creating the best possible software to make digital communication great through digital signage.

At PLAYipp we work together.

We are a software developing company who supply market-leading solutions for information, communication and digital signage.

We see more and more organisations finding value in making digital transformation to be smarter and more efficient in their communication.

We help our clients create change, real change. We truly believe in what we call co-working communication, we believe its a great leap from internal communication or even worse internal information. We help you to find ways to actually communicate so your co-worker wants to engage, to integrate with your dialogue and be active in creating it rather than passively consume and have served.


PLAYipp have since 2006 developed into a company with a global mindset. We have a broad network of partners around Europe, we focus on developing products with high usability and functions asked for. By doing this we have become the sought after solution for a large group of clients and partners looking for high-end solutions to handle their growing need for great tools for digital signage and co-working communications.

Our targets are set on a global scale but we always work locally, we can only win together if we do it together. So we work either directly with you or thought local partners that know you.

With our in-house developing teams, we stand with two great products to engage your audience. To let you be transparent and fast when casting information to your workspaces. Below you can see what we offer our clients.

PLAYipp digital signage group - transparent

PLAYipp Digital Signage

The leading solution for simple and smart information through digital signage both for internal, as external communication needs. PLAYipp puts the end-user in the driver’s seat and lets them do publishing themselves.

The easy to use platform is almost simple enough for a child to work in but complex enough to able to handle hundreds of screens simultaneously, with no middle man, efficiency at your hands!

PLAYipp Rooms

Booking a meeting room has never been easier. A screen, an award-winning interface and the world’s two largest calendar systems.
PLAYipp Rooms is the obvious choice for your rooms!

We have made it easy, we have chosen the best. So you integrate with either Microsoft or Google. As soon as it’s done, it’s great to book appointments from anywhere, around the world, regardless of device.

PLAYipp Rooms

Best support you seen?

Try us if you want to. We are ready to help you as fast as lightning by chat, email or phone. We even speak Norwegian and English above native Swedish.

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