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Case studies
Playipp acquires Databeat a norwegian digital signage company

PLAYipp takes its first leap in international expansion by acquiring Databeat

PLAYipp is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Databeat, a Digital Signage Software provider based in Norway. This strategic partnership marks a milestone in PLAYipp’s growth mission, enhancing our capacity to deliver superior solutions and services in an international market.

Case studies

From static to digital signs: A necessary change in Östersund municipality

Östersund Municipality has modernized its communication and increased awareness of events by implementing digital road signs. This project has demonstrated how digital solutions can create new opportunities for profiling.

Case studies

The Church of Sweden enhances visitor interaction with digital screens

Digital screens have significantly improved the congregation’s ability to communicate with its members. The church has noticed a marked increase in interaction from visitors, who now engage with the content more interactively.

Case studies

A digital transformation journey with a colorful touch

”Our vision was clear; we wanted to innovate and simplify without losing our unique expression. Introducing digital screens was a big step towards becoming more modern and relevant.”

Case studies

Enhancing communication in public transport: Unibuss’s journey with PLAYipp

Unibuss had a tough time making sure all their workers knew the latest news and what they needed to do. They tried different ways to share information but it was clear they needed something easier and better.


PLAYipp appoints Thomas Sundgren as CPO

As a major investment in the continued development of PLAYipp, the company appoints Thomas Sundgren as CPO. Thomas has extensive experience in developing digital platforms and tools …

PLAYipp Digital Signage hos Securitas
Case studies

Securitas Norway achieves higher employee engagement with digital screens

Securitas Norway sought a dynamic, user-friendly communication solution capable of easily sharing information with all employees, regardless of their location.

Mölndal mockup Veckans lunch
Case studies

Smarter school cafeterias with digital displays in Mölndal

The traditional methods of displaying meal information in schools, through posters and notice boards, resulted in extra work and were challenging to keep relevant. Johanna reflects on this challenge …

Utanför salen
Case studies

Student engagement reaches new heights at Vittra elementary school

At Vittra, a growing need to streamline communication was identified. The solution came in the form of PLAYipp and digital information screens. Two screens were installed in key areas – one in the cafeteria and one in the high school…

Playipp Digital Signage at Kulturkvarteret, Jessica Larsson and Karin Wilkens Communications Specialists
Case studies

The communicative transformation of Kulturkvarteret

Since the installation of the screens, Kulturkvarteret has observed a notable improvement in communicating information to visitors. “Our digital screens have transformed how we engage with our visitors”.

Unsplash in PLAyipp

Unsplash now available in PLAYipp

Image bank Unsplash is now available in PLAYipp We are very happy to tell you that we have now integrated the image bank Unsplash so that you can use it directly in PLAYipp. We have identified that many of our…

Integrated systems europe 20 years

PLAYipp is attending ISE 2024

PLAYipp is attending ISE 2024 Between January 30 and February 2, the well-attended technology fair Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) takes place in Barcelona. This is the 20th year for the world’s leading audiovisual expo. In collaboration with our. partner Vestel,…

Case studies

Customer case study: Malmö university

Clear screen structure resolves Malmö university's complex needs for information sharing Case Study Malmö university An academic institution dedicated to research and higher education.Visit webiste Location Malmö Size 1800 employees and 25000 students Industry Higher Education Public Sector Number of…

PLAYipp Digital Signage at Asker International School
Case studies

Information revolution at Asker International School

The implementation of PLAYipp digital signage at Asker International School has led to significant improvements in communication and engagement within the school community. The digital screens have become a central feature for disseminating information.


New integration: Microsoft Teams

We are excited to inform you that we have launched an integration with Microsoft Teams. PLAYipp can now broadcast conversations across your information landscape, ensuring fewer audiences are left behind…

Tangentbord med finska flaggan och PLAYipps logotyp.

Vihdoinkin! PLAYipp puhuu pian suomea.

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Richard Häll, PLAYipp, and Gustav Lagercrantz, Monterro, shaking hands.

PLAYipp partners with Monterro

PLAYipp partners with Monterro to continue expansion September 19th 2023 Today we are delighted to announce that Monterro has chosen to become the majority owner of PLAYipp. They will contribute with both expertise and extensive experience to allow PLAYipp to…

Case studies

Vi Förenade Fastigheter made the digital screen a central part of internal communication

During the pandemic, accessing and updating the information needed for internal communication between departments about the status of apartments in the properties they manage became more challenging. We met Anna Strand, a rental administrator at Vi Förenade Fastigheter.

Case studies

Busfrö enters the digital world.

Busfrö – Sweden’s largest second-hand chain for the whole family, has now taken the step into the digital world. With the help of PLAYipp’s digital information screens, Busfrö will be able to communicate with its customers in a completely new…

Digtal Signage by PLAYipp at Solna Gate entrance
Case studies

An effective communication system is crucial for Solna Gate

By using digital information screens, Solna Gate has found the answer to the lack of information that can otherwise occur in large corporate premises. Placing screens in areas where building visitors move answers many questions before they even need to…

Tableau integration SoMe

Welcome Tableau!

We are incredibly proud and happy to welcome Tableau to our arsenal of integrations. As the world leader in visualizing data, Tableau is an expert in making information easy to understand and digest. It’s a perfect match, if we may…

Case studies

PLAYipp at Kulturkvarteret in Örebro

They both administer the screens and have an exciting and effective work approach. They have a clear plan for what they want to display, when to display it, and to whom.

Marius müller

The growth journey continues – PLAYipp takes the next step, Norway.

Norway is the first country in PLAYipp’s launch abroad. Marius Müller will take the reins in Norway and represent PLAYipp. He comes most recently from Kinly where he worked as a strategic partner. Marius officially joins PLAYipp on March 1…


Welcome to the new CEO of PLAYipp!

We are glad to inform that it will be Henrik Mazzanti, formerly Business Unit manager at Nordlo, who replaces Richard as CEO.

PLAYipp Digital Signage Strängnäs kommun evenemang
Case studies

Reaching new residents with digital screens

Today, Strängnäs Municipality has not only made their communication with its residents more efficient, but they have also ensured to become extra relevant with their communication by publishing different types of information in different geographic locations.

Mask Group 35
Case studies

Friskis & Svettis in Lidingö Chooses PLAYipp!

We spoke with Julia, the Communications Manager at Friskis & Svettis in Lidingö, about her experience using PLAYipp in her daily tasks.

Playipp Digital Signage hos Bevego
Case studies

Bevego can quickly reach its 33 branches

Bevego has significantly enhanced its internal and external communication by implementing digital information screens. This solution has enabled the marketing department to disseminate information more quickly and efficiently across its 33 branches.


New integration to Salesforce

Market-leading signage and world-leading CRM – can it get any better? We are pleased to announce that we are now integrating into the social business network – Salesforce Chatter.

Eco green energy concept bulb, lightbulb leaves on pink background.

PLAYipp makes it easy to show what you’re good at in realtime.

PLAYipp makes it easy to show what you're good at in realtime. We have helped companies show great content on screens for almost 20 years. The latest and hottest trend among clients is to use their other supplier's data to…

Skärmavbild 2021-09-02 kl. 16.37.02

How does PLAYipp Digital Signage work?

In this movie we show how you can use PLAYipp Digital Signage to enhance your business!

Case studies

Klövern Padel Åby Arena Chooses PLAYipp

We had the pleasure of meeting with Magnus Repsgård, the facility manager of Klövern Padel Åby Arena in Mölndal/Gothenburg. Despite the construction chaos and the constant demands for his attention, Magnus was relaxed and calm.


We do Facebook Workplace

Got Facebook Workplace? Do you want to broadcast the latest from there to you Digital Signage? PLAYipp got you covered.

Case studies

PreZero improves its communication with PLAYipp digital screens

PreZero has improved its internal communication by implementing digital information screens, replacing previous printouts from the intranet. This has led to faster and more efficient dissemination of information to all 13 of their facilities.

Travel Insurance Concept. Airlines industry Safe and Supporting Customer, Paper Airplane floating and Protected by Carefuly Gesture Hand
Case studies

How do you communicate with employees in 120 countries at the same time?

With the help of PLAYipp of course! A prerequisite for success is that information is communicated through one single channel.

DIgital signage eller informationsskärm hos en av PLAYipps kunder. I detta fall en liggande skärm som används för att visa bokningsalternativ till en konferensanläggning inom hotellbranschen.

5 strong reasons to consider using Digital Signage to boost your intranet

We have listed the top most interesting benefits of using signage to boost and be successful with your intranet. Regardless of which solution you are with.

Case studies

Sophiahemmet utilizes digital information screens to enhance patient safety.

It’s now even safer for patients to visit Sophiahemmet. The newly renovated entrance in the O-building has been adapted to ensure good hygiene and safe patient flows. “The layout and choice of materials have been made with the aim of…

Case studies

Digital screens – the best way to communicate for Balder..

With just over 1,000 properties in Sweden alone, the decision to use digital hallway screens was easy for Balder. Together with PLAYipp and our partner Picler it was a piece of cake.

Web designer brainstorming for a strategy plan. Colorful sticky notes with things to do on office board. User experience (UX) concept.
Case studies

JOBmeal upgrades its employee communication

We’re proud to supply employee communication solutions to JOBmeal in Gävle. Through the use of both PLAYipp® and Beework, JOBmeal has enhanced its internal communications.

Case studies

From USB sticks to unified screens: Mölndal City’s journey with PLAYipp

“We started looking at cobbling together our own solution like a kind of website that would just be mirrored directly onto the screens,” continues Kristian, “But we realized quite quickly that it was too complicated to handle. We needed something…

Playipp Digital Signage hos Göteborg Energi
Case studies

Göteborg Energi effectively reaches employees with the help of PLAYipp

Göteborg Energi has enhanced its internal communication by implementing digital information screens. One of the major benefits Göteborg Energi sees with their digital information screens is reaching employees who don’t access the intranet.

PLAYipp-brf (1)
Case studies

From paper to digital: BRF City Näsbydal’s journey with PLAYipp

Yvonne describes how they’ve chosen to divide the screen space into different areas for various types of information. One area is a general information space where they publish news or other information that’s general to all buildings and all members.…


New integration for Digital Signage – Yammer!

Finally you can broadcast your Yammer feed to a screen close to you.


Power Bi to your screens!

Great news! Integrate your Power BI account to your PLAYipp Digital Signage screens and share your success with every employee!


8 things to keep in mind for successful communication.

Going from non-existent or sporadic communication with your employees to engaging, present dialogue is challenging, not least for you who are to create and maintain it. Here’s a few things to keep in mind!

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