An effective communication system is crucial for Solna Gate

Case study

One of the things we love most is getting to see how PLAYipp is used and functions in different types of businesses. In this video, we meet Carl “Calle” Starkenberg at Corem and learn how they utilize PLAYipp in their daily operations.

Many visitors who need information

With many people constantly moving around the building for various purposes, a clear and smart communication solution becomes very important. By using digital information screens, Solna Gate has found the answer to the lack of information that can otherwise occur in large corporate premises. Placing screens in areas where building visitors move answers many questions before they even need to be asked.

Solna Gate is one of Corem’s many properties and houses several companies. The property also includes a gym, conference facility, pool, café, and restaurant.

Integration to Visbook

An integration with the booking system Visbook has been a great solution for displaying bookable meeting rooms on the screens located in the conference facility.

The screens around the premises primarily aim to inform about where conference rooms and meeting rooms are located and whether they are occupied or available. The screens also contain information about what is being served in the restaurant. Near elevators and staircases, there is information about which floor the various companies are on.

“The best thing about PLAYipp is that it’s simple and there are many integrations with other systems!”

Carl Starkenberg, Receptionist, Solna Gate Corem

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PLAYipp digital signage, Solna Gate entré
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