SharePoint Integration for Digital Signage

With a digital signage integration with SharePoint, you can easily display pages and posts as a news feed from your SharePoint environment directly on your digital screens. Through our smart feed widget, you can customize the appearance of the content to match your company’s graphic profile. Everything happens automatically – updates in SharePoint are immediately displayed on the screens without extra work.

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Visa upp dina flöden och inlägg från Microsoft Sharepoint direkt på dina digitala informationsskärmar från PLAYipp.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is like a digital toolbox from Microsoft that makes it easier for companies to collaborate and share information. It is a place where you can store, organize, and share documents, create posts, pages, and manage projects – all in one platform.

Why display SharePoint on digital screens?

Displaying pages and posts from SharePoint on digital screens within your organization has several benefits:

  • Better Visibility: Important news and updates become easily accessible to everyone, which increases awareness and engagement among employees.
  • Faster Information Distribution: Real-time updates on the screens ensure that everyone quickly receives the latest information without having to search through different systems.
  • Time Saving: Automatic updates from SharePoint to the screens reduce the need for manual messages, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks.


  • Choose which pages, post feeds, or individual posts in SharePoint to display
  • Each widget on the screen can be linked to a unique part of SharePoint
  • Automatic real-time updates
  • Customize the appearance according to your organization’s graphic profile

Good to know:

You can customize our widgets almost any way you want by changing, for example, placement, size, and fonts, etc. The only thing fetched from SharePoint is text and any images, but you decide how it will be displayed on your screen.

What do I need?

The account used to set up the integration must have read permissions on the SharePoint sites from which you want to retrieve data.