PLAYipp – Matilda Foodtech integration

Showcase menus from Matilda or Mashie, directly on your digital screens. With our smart menu widgets you can adapt the look and feel to align with your brand guidelines and to fit your chosen part of the screen. After that your menu automagically updates on the screen as soon as you publish something new in Matailda or Mashie. You never have to publish anything twice.

Do you want to know more? Book a demo and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

Exempel på menyer som kan skapas med integrationen mellan PLAYipp och Matilda FoodTech


  • Choose how many days to show on screen. Maybe just one, or two, or a whole week.
  • Show allergens, price, descriptios. Or just the name of the course.
  • Print your menu on paper if you want to.

Good to know:

With our widgets you can customize almost anything: size, fonts, colors… All the data is collected from Matilda or Mashie through Open meal API but you decide how it should look on screen.

What do I need?

You need to get a licens for Open Meal API from Matilda FoodTech.