Discover the simplicity of digital info screens.

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Save 7 working hours a week
  • Automate – Minimize repetition

PLAYipp Digital Signage is used by +2 800 businesses

Digital Signage is smart and efficient communication.

By being the market-leading developer of digital signage software, PLAYipp gives you user-friendly tools to create strong, smart and efficient communication to any audience anywhere through digital screens.


PLAYipp allows you to publish data you already have in other sources, completely automatically and so convenient for you.

The end of doing things twice. 


With the user in focus, it is easy to work in PLAYipp and easy to create good content together with others. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the number of admins.
No more hassle.


You publish from any browser to any screen you want. No matter where in the world the screen is located. Fast and relevant for the recipient.

No more time thieves.


PLAYipp gives you control over schedules, rights and you can design every element of your message so it suit your audience perfectly. Regardless of it being customers, guests or co-workers.

Cloud based

Control every screen from where you are. Local or centralized.

Schedule content

Make sure your message is relevant when you broadcast it.

Screen layouts

Divide the screen into several different parts and showcase several different messages at once.

Media library

All photos, images, documents and videos collected inside your manager.

Template or your own layouts

Let your brand shine! Create your own and unique layouts.


We have created loads of preloaded content that you can add to your screens.

You’re gonna love integrations!

A vast and growing number of integrations are making sure you don’t have to publish content on several different platforms. Most of it is even automatic, every time!

Share feeds on your screens.
Let others take part of your great photos.
Power BI
Visualize dashboard or reports, lightning fast.
Public transport in real time.
Spread your tweets even further.
Share Yammer feeds on your digital screens.

How much does it cost?

Doing business with PLAYipp is simple and straightforward. We will help you with analysis, recommendations and delivery. Everything is included and you have free access to our highly dedicated support and customer care teams.

  • Always free support.
  • No hidden fees.
  • An endless number of editors.
  • Operation and back-up are on us.

How much does it cost?

PLAYipp Digital Signage
fr. 23.5
Price is per month/license/screen.* .
No hidden fees.

Case studies

Robot arm in smart factory background
Case studies

CEVT needed a reliable solution for communication.

With 2000 employees in 13 buildings was PLAYipp the go to solution!

Case studies

Digital screens – the best way to communicate for Balder..

With just over 1,000 properties in Sweden alone, the decision to use digital hallway screens was easy for Balder. Together with PLAYipp and our partner Picler it was a piece of cake.

Travel Insurance Concept. Airlines industry Safe and Supporting Customer, Paper Airplane floating and Protected by Carefuly Gesture Hand
Case studies

How do you communicate with employees in 120 countries at the same time?

With the help of PLAYipp of course! A prerequisite for success is that information is communicated through one single channel.

With PLAYipp the possibilities to great grand design and just perfect content are almost limitless. Take a look at some of our clients and their designs. Let it inspire you. We have helped thousands of customers, we gladly help you too.


We know more about digital signage than most, so we decided to collect it and let you take part of it. So go ahead – Steal, borrow and make it yours. If you ever need help, we are right here.


Power Bi to your screens!

Great news! Integrate your Power BI account to your PLAYipp Digital Signage screens and share your success with every employee!

Skärmavbild 2021-09-02 kl. 16.37.02

How does PLAYipp Digital Signage work?

In this movie we show how you can use PLAYipp Digital Signage to enhance your business!


New integration for Digital Signage – Yammer!

Finally you can broadcast your Yammer feed to a screen close to you.

The best support you can get?

Digital screens are smart and efficient communication and our support are always ready to help you make more of it. Connect with phone, e-mail or chat. We speak Swedish, english and even Norwegian.

Free support
Loads of knowledge
Answered within 4h