Busfrö enters the digital world

Busfrö – Sweden’s largest second-hand chain for the whole family, has now taken the step into the digital world. With the help of PLAYipp’s digital information screens, Busfrö will be able to communicate with its customers in a completely new way.



  • Reach customers who do not use social media
  • Reach potential new customers
  • Display relevant content to the customer
  • New way of working! Setting a standard that meets expectations


  • Strengthen the brand
  • Communicate the message
  • Encourage more people to shop second-hand
  • Reach potential franchisees

The solution:

  • PLAYipp Digital Signage

Frida Olson, Marketing Manager at Busfrö, tells about how they are looking forward to using the screens in their stores around Sweden.

With several stores around Sweden and up to 160 employees, Busfrö is a constantly moving business with many products in circulation. During the pandemic, they had their largest submission period ever, and the combination of high prices in the grocery trade and a new generation with a different view on the environment means that their green concept can actually offer sustainability in all aspects.

By following trends in retail and becoming more digitized, Busfrö hopes to reach a larger audience.

We want to be able to talk about our green concept and the fact that you make a climate smart choice by shopping with us, and we see these screens as a great tool for that!

Busfrö will begin its rollout in the store in Västervik, which was the first store to open in Sweden, and then offer the opportunity for screens at existing Busfrö stores around the country. All new stores will have screens as standard. Frida says that it will be a fun challenge to work with their design on digital information screens. The plan is to be able to communicate in certain areas from a central point, while other areas on the screen can be controlled locally or contain an Instagram feed from that particular store.

Busfrö has identified that some of its target audience are not very active on social media. The investment in digital information screens is made to reach those who do not see the marketing on social media, but also those who move outside the stores to arouse their curiosity to come in and experience the store and the range of products.


We have our goals and visions, but we need to learn what actually works for us. What type of content should we try? Should it be moving material? Should it be exciting offers? Should we schedule different messages for when we have the most active visitors? It will be a new way of working for us to work with all the features available, there are endless possibilities and it will be really exciting!

By using the digital screens, they will be able to communicate with their visiting customers and contributors in a completely new way. Busfrö wants to showcase its products, offers, and events. The screens give them the opportunity to do that and so much more.

This is going to be so much fun and the first thing I noticed with PLAYipp was that it felt so easy. I work in several publishing programs and this felt really good. Victor (from PLAYipp’s team Customer Success) mentioned in our onboarding that each area becomes like a Spotify playlist to publish different types of content to – and then it felt like we will definitely fix this!

Frida is looking forward to the new way of working that comes with the screens and all the endless possibilities that exist among the different functions that PLAYipp offers. Busfrö hopes that through this investment, they will be able to take a step closer to the vision of becoming Sweden’s most popular brand.

We look forward to hearing more about Busfrö’s digital signage journey and following up on this when they have progressed further in their usage and have more screens in place!

PLAYipp’s permissions system allows users to control the entire screen’s content or just a specific area. This means that parts of the screen can be managed both centrally and locally. Through integrations with several of the largest social media platforms, feeds can be displayed nicely through specially adapted widgets.

By using PLAYipp in all stores, common purchases, operations, and support are made possible, which in turn reduces investment. In addition, PLAYipp offers free training and free support, ensuring that your staff can always feel updated and Informed about the tool.