If I say I save 7 hours a week for you – would you listen to how?

One of our gold partners, Picler, recently conducted a survey among their own customers. Results are completely in line with what we believe is one of the absolute main strengths of PLAYipp as software for digital information screens. You save time, a lot of time!

The saving is 7 hours on average – that is close to 20% of a full time.

Picler asked property managers how they view the use of our products. Among the 62 property managers who responded to the survey, the average saving of time is about 7 hours a week. 7 (!) Hours of working time that comes back to the individual, the organization and the core business.

What does 7 hours in your business mean?

I believe that many would do even better things for their customers, for their colleagues and find new ways to further improve their business.

And not only do you save time in the actual distribution of information / communication. It tends to contain much less factual errors. You avoid many questions and you can update all your customers / guests / employees at the same time.

Never before has it been so easy to do the right thing and save time.