Employees in 120 countries = 1 PLAYipp.

How does a multinational company succeed with its internal communication?

As a geographically dispersed company with employees in over 120 countries it has been a long-standing challenge to get everyone to pull in the same direction. A prerequisite for success is that information is communicated through one single channel.

– We also felt that we wanted to intensify the flow of information. That’s when we started looking for a communication system that could achieve just that. We then opted for this type of information screen and chose PLAYipp as supplier, explains the Chief Marketing Officer at the company.

Met all requirements

The company has worked with PLAYipp for a little over 3 years. It was crucial for them when choosing a supplier was that employees in the organization could easily and quickly manage the content of the system themselves. It was also important that the supplier was geographically close and able to provide support quickly. These were all things that PLAYipp fulfilled. The rollout in the organization was done in stages, where the focus was primarily on sites within its own company.

– Now we have a communication feed that all employees around the world see. The decisive factor is that we can always ensure that all employees receive the latest news and that everyone receives the same information at the same time, explains the Marketing Officer.

Quick communication

The information screens are used to quickly publish information to the entire organization but also to partners. A broad range of content is published – everything from information about new business, new partners, updates from internal and external meetings, presentations of new employees, and an information feed with news from our website and LinkedIn.

Ongoing evaluation

In order to constantly develop, improve and sustain interest, the company conducts regular surveys among its employees about what they think about the information channel. The 2018 survey revealed that they wanted more film and information about new employees. To meet this demand, more film content has been published, a process for information about new employees has been introduced and they are constantly trying to vary the content and its appearance.

– PLAYipp’s solution is a smooth, easy and fast way to communicate information to the organization, which is more fun than just sending out a regular email. The screens are by far the channel we share the most internal news through on a regular basis.