The Church of Sweden enhances visitor interaction with digital screens

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Digital Signage by Playipp at Church of Sweden - entrance

Järfälla parish

Järfälla Parish, a vibrant community within Svenska Kyrkan, strives to unite ancient tradition with modern technology.




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Increased interaction from visitors

Digital screens have significantly improved the congregation’s ability to communicate with its members. The church has noticed a marked increase in interaction from visitors, who now engage with the content more interactively.

Järfälla parish’s mission to engage members and visitors

Järfälla Parish faced the challenge of modernizing its communication to reach parish members and visitors in new ways, particularly targeting youth and families with children. Striving to be accessible and welcoming to all, the parish needed an efficient way to share information.

Previously, the parish used traditional wall-mounted digital information screens to share essential information, such as programs, events, and opening hours. However, over the years, Susanne Sundqvist, IT Manager at Järfälla Parish, conceived a new idea: what if the screens could be interactive?

Central information hubs for programs, music, activities, and events

Collaborating with PLAYipp and its partner Ricoh, Järfälla Parish implemented digital information screens equipped with touch functionality.

These screens have now become central information hubs, allowing visitors to easily access details about the day’s program, parish activities, and upcoming events. A standout feature is the Music Bank, provided by Royal Streaming, which allows visitors to listen to hymns and other suitable music for weddings, baptisms, or funerals using headphones. Additionally, the “Find the Grave” feature, provided by Eniac, helps visitors navigate to the correct grave within the church grounds.

Engaging children with interactive touch screens

The touch screens also engage children, allowing them to watch animated films produced by the Church of Sweden.

“It was crucial for me that children feel included in this initiative. That’s why we have specific content created for children, and each screen is accompanied by a stool so that even the smallest children can reach,” explains Susanne Sundqvist.

“It has been fun to see how our members have embraced this new technology. The feedback has been positive!”

Susanne Sundqvist, Järfälla Parish

3 Tips for Maximizing Interaction with the Screens 

Interactivity Engages
Use the screens’ touch function to make the information more interactive. This encourages users to actively engage with the content, enhancing the experience and information uptake.

Versatile Content
Diversify the content on the screens to meet the needs of different target groups. Include everything from the day’s program to music and child-friendly material to increase relevance and accessibility for all visitors.

Technical Integration and Connectivity
Utforska möjligheterna att integrera digitala skärmar Explore the possibilities of integrating digital screens with other church systems and databases to automate the flow of information. For example, the screens can be updated with current events and announcements directly from the church’s calendar system.