Put your information
in the shop window.

Together with PLAYipp Digital Signage for real eastate agents, you can find smart and simple ways to create communication that makes a difference for your potential and actual buyers via digital screens in your offices.


Digital Signage for real estate agents

Communicate your best objects, finest photos and clearest
special offers – around the clock, with no need to be on site
to do updates. We’re already helping lots of real estate agent
windows to look perfect.

Some of our 3000 customers

Smart functions!

Ability to schedule content

The ability to schedule your screen content ensures it is always relevant

Multiple panels

If you want to display several things simultaneously, it’s just fine, you can design the screen as it suits you best. Which is great if you have a lot of properties on the go at the same time.


You can update the screens from anywhere, improving workflows and reducing stress.

Social media

PLAYipp connect to the most popular social media platforms, allowing you to easily display your social media feed on the digital screens.


No restriction on the number of users, each estate agent can manage their own properties. Local

offices can also collaborate with central departments.

Improved awareness

Video material or changing slide shows make your window more attractive to potential buyers
passing by.


We can display virtually all video formats and support many major streaming providers. Give
your video material pride of place in your communication.


The only thing required to update content is an internet connection. You will save hours every week!

PLAYipp loves VITEC and Mspecs

We can link your properties straight from Vitec or Mspecs to our screens. Smart, simple and reliable. For faster workflows and less administration. It’s quite simply so much more fun and above all easier to get the job done together with us. Integrations such as Vitec and Mspecs make it that little bit easier to do the job.

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