Now you can get world-class designs for your layouts!

We are proud to present a new partner in design – Bkgr! Expert designers are just a click away.


PLAYipp + Sweden’s foremost presentation agency

Background is an agency that specializes in simplifying, clarifying and reinforcing its customers’ messages, which they have done for over 10 years with great success. Among the customers today are several of Sweden’s most recognized brands and companies. They also share several of PLAYipp’s values ​​in relationships with customers, which bodes well for good results for the user.

We have long seen an increased demand from both our partners and customers to get help to create successful layouts, to find ways where the screen highlights the customer’s brand and creates the recognition that is important for successful communication for many. Through the collaboration with Background, you as partners to us will be able to offer expertise in this to your customers as part of your portfolio.

Background’s services are purchased in various package solutions via your partner managers.