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The fast-growing development company CEVT within the Geely Group had great challenges to reach out to all employees. The solution was PLAYipp’s cloud service, PLAYipp Manager, and digital information screens.

Our association is on an interesting digital journey, both internally and externally. One of the major advantages of PLAYipp is the ability to integrate data from other systems. Publication then takes place automatically, which means that the screens always display current information.

Now we can upload images, films and stories from everyday life. The screens function just like the morning meeting we aren't able to have in our business. But the screens are a good complement to other information and I am already noticing that dialogue, discussion and questions are being created. We have achieved what we wanted.

Employees find it incredibly convenient to have the screen in the staff room. Many people read the information and I can see that it's appreciated. I hear the staff commenting on the screens all the time. They think it's great.

We got started across the whole of the Nordic and Baltic countries in May 2013 and we can really see this being used frequently, and that it works. Several of our managers have stopped sending invitations in other ways, because now our internal events are packed - everyone comes.

The information screens are an effective complement to our internal communication channels. With their help, we can quickly and easily reach out both with central office information as well as local messages at the site office.

The internal information is like day and night. Often, a piece of paper I planned to put on the bulletin board is left in the printer. Today we put everything on the screens, from news to football results from last night's Champions League. Those who work early morning get excited when they get to work, as maybe they didn't get to see the end of the match.

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Over the years, PLAYipp has uplifted countless businesses and companies, both private and public, to new achievements and insights using our platform.

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