From Paper to Digital: BRF City Näsbydal’s Journey with PLAYipp®

We met with Yvonne Westermark, the chairperson of the board for BRF City Näsbydal, and learned about how the association has successfully used its digital screens.

Effective Communication

BRF City Näsbydal’s chairperson, Yvonne Westermark, speaks highly of PLAYipp and its 9 digital information screens. For nearly 10 years, the association has been successfully using digital screens across 8 buildings. These are tall buildings with 16 floors each, totaling 900 apartments. Between the elevators, there are 32-inch screens displaying information for the residents.

Yvonne describes how they’ve chosen to divide the screen space into different areas for various types of information. One area is a general information space where they publish news or other information that’s general to all buildings and all members. The middle area displays a calendar with information about when one can meet the board, various events, or, for example, when bulky waste will be picked up, etc. Another area is used for building-specific information.

”I easily select the right screen in the interface and can inform about a water shutdown that’s only relevant for that building. Super easy!”

Yvonne Westermark ,
Chairperson of the Board, BRF City Näsbydal

BRF City Näsbydal also has a screen at its management office where they inform about contact details for the management, emergency services, etc.

Yvonne emphasizes how easy it is to reach all 1250 members using the digital screens in the stairwells. She also mentions that they work entirely analog with their own City Leaflet, which is distributed 4 times a year. A distribution to all apartments takes about 4-5 hours, which shows what a help the screens are instead of distributing notes to everyone.

It’s very resource-efficient to convey information this way and quick to change when needed. However, Yvonne points out that it’s important to have multiple channels for information since not everyone is digital, and not everyone goes out every day, for example. Besides, there’s an environmental aspect of using screens instead of distributing paper. 

The more traditional analog bulletin boards remain in the buildings but are not used extensively. The association does not want these to be filled with various information from residents about, for instance, someone wanting to sell furniture or looking for their bike. The association does not allow commercial enterprises to post advertisements in the buildings or distribute them. Residents use other private communication channels on social media to communicate among themselves instead.

This means that BRF City itself has more control over what information is disseminated. The association gladly publishes information about activities initiated by members and open to all, such as boule, qigong, and yoga. “We obviously want to get this information out on the screens so that everyone who wants to can join,” says Yvonne.

We at PLAYipp are delighted to be the solution for BRF City Näsbydal!