Empowering Göteborg Energi’s Internal Communication with PLAYipp®

We’ve met with Jenny Sandkvist, a communication strategist at Göteborg Energi. Jenny shares how PLAYipp® is a part of their internal communication.

Jenny Sandkvist, a communication strategist, has just returned from her vacation when we catch up over the phone. She has been working for the municipally owned Göteborg Energi for 13 years. It’s an energy company with 900 employees, located across 4 sites in Göteborg. I promise to keep the interview light so the “vacation brain” doesn’t get overwhelmed.

So, Jenny starts by explaining what her role as a communication strategist entails. She tells me that she is responsible for all the internal communication channels where PLAYipp® plays a part. But there are also other channels like the intranet, video meeting equipment, various chat solutions, the image bank, and survey tools.

About 3 years ago, the communications department was the demanding party when the company was procuring a way to distribute information to screens. There had been an internal demand for information screens. It was the IT department that was tasked with asking potential suppliers according to the company’s procurement routines. “The need came from us on the operational side, we wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t think it was up to standard,” Jenny shares.

”We produce a lot of videos. With PLAYipp, the videos come to life!”

Jenny Sandkvist ,
Communication strategist, Göteborg Energi

Today, Jenny is responsible for the 10 strategically placed screens within the organization. Two of the screens are located at different receptions, displaying external information for visitors and guests. The other screens are placed at the head office on various floors and at other facilities in Göteborg. The content on the “inside” screens, as Jenny chooses to describe them, includes both overarching corporate information and local information relevant to employees at that particular location. A need has also emerged for some employees who work across different departments to have the same key figures and data displayed on both screens.

“We have a network of editors to ensure relevant and current information,” Jenny continues. She explains that they use user permissions in PLAYipp so that someone local at each department can inform about what’s relevant to their department. “They can share content ideas from the operation, what’s happening out there, showing different aspects of reality!”

The communications department, with Jenny at the helm, has access to all screens. “With the editor’s network, we can help each other to update information, exchange tips and tricks. It’s the same challenge we’d have with analog bulletin boards. The tool itself presents no challenges.”

Jenny also mentions that the tool is a good and competent tool and that they chose to allow everyone in the editor’s network to participate in a training session with PLAYipp on the tool just before summer. The aim was for the editors to get reminders of what they can do and to stay updated. However, she emphasizes that the tool is not complicated, but there are many possibilities that sometimes need to be reminded of. 

Jenny shares that PLAYipp® has also influenced the form of communication. “We produce a lot of videos. With PLAYipp®, the videos come to life!” Both internal and external videos are used extensively, making the screens more appealing.


I continue to ask what the best thing about digital information screens is, and Jenny quickly answers that it’s the ability to reach those who don’t check the intranet, but the challenge is reaching those out in the field. Göteborg Energi also has service technicians who are out at their customers’ locations. They don’t physically sit at any of the offices but are naturally part of a unit and they also need access to the same key figures, etc. “We need something better than email,” says Jenny, and they have just started looking into how PLAYipp® can help provide a solution for this. 

Finally, I ask for “Jenny’s tips for success!” to any company or organization starting with a digital communication tool. “Create an ‘editor’s network’. A network with designated resources who understand the mission.”

We’re very proud that we at PLAYipp get to be part of developing further communication between colleagues and departments at Göteborg Energi. It’s so exciting to be a part of their success!