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PLAYipp makes it easy to show what you’re good at in realtime.

We have helped companies show great content on screens for almost 20 years.

The latest and hottest trend among clients is to use their other supplier’s data to show their results. In the examples below, we are going to dive into different types of energy data, but it could just as easily be sales numbers, quotas, or product rankings. What’s important to make it happen is that whatever you trying to show has software with API points (luckily, most do these days).

EnergySmart is the name of the game!

Many organisations need, and wants, to be smarter in how and why they consume or generate energy. Sustainability is a hot subject and for good reasons, for many it’s a vital part of their business model, where some choose to be efficient while other invest in more renewable sources.

These investments or alignments usually come with huge pride but is often hard to vitalize and communicate to customers or employees what the projects actually are and what they mean. Until now!

Living data

With the help of our CMS and digital signage, we are able to help clients visualize what they actually achieve. We can pretty much connect any API (software) to our CMS and therefore publish it onto your digital signage screens, screens place at important locations for your business, whether it is for internal or external communication. Making sure your efforts are seen.

Three examples

Let us take a closer look at a few of our clients that do just this. In all these cases it is energy efficient but could just as easily be any other kind of data.

Diös and SolarEdge

Diös is a property managing company in Sweden and they have chosen to use solar energy in a multitude of their properties. All information regarding the solar power is handled within “SolarEdge” but by using their API we collect and display all their data on a specially designed dashboard. Voila, we have some awesome content to broadcast!


apak and iSolarcloud

aPak has chosen to give sustainability a front-row seat and to a tone of stuff to lower both their own but also their client’s climate footprint. It was an obvious idea to showcase what they do and how well they do it. One solution was broadcasting the KPIs from their solar energy production. It’s been the talk of town between both staff and visitors since the numbers came rolling on the screens. Nice design and a true commitment to their main objectives.

Skärmavbild 2021-09-02 kl. 16.55.36

Kungsleden in the hunt for climate positive buildings.

Kungleden has made a huge commitment to digital screens in all their entrances, both to make their business more efficient but also for making them more attractive for visitors.

Once PLAYipp and the screens were installed, Kungsleden quickly found multiple usages for the screens. The screens are now both a route to find tenants but also communicating interesting news and information for their visitors.

The property “Trekanten” placed in Danderyd, just outside Stockholm, have had significant investments into “geo-energy” in an attempt to create the future of climate-positive buildings. The imitiate effect once operational, was a whopping 79% efficiency in energy consumption.

Even if the main purpose is to save energy and reach environmental goals it’s also a great way to show the capacity and find new tenants for Kungsleden.

I stället för att endast sätta upp en statiskt skylt, som många andra gör, ville Kungsleden visa med realtidsdata hur fastigheten bidrar till minskad miljöeffekt.

Instead of placing static signs with project information as so many others, Kungsleden decided to utilize digital signage and create an animated integration where the buildings energy consumption is compared with normal housing (villas) to showcase just how efficient the building actually is.

In a partnership between PLAYipp and JML/Dustin, we created a truly unique graphical integration for their signage.

Kungsleden ControlMachine


To be able to offer our clients the possibility to broadcast data that was just not possible a few years ago is a great leap forward for the usability of digital signage. It is today a great marketeer of good stuff.

By moving data and KPIs from the back and placing it on screens, using moving animations and real-time figures it has made it place into peoples attention.

In our perspective, there is pretty much no limit to what can be broadcasted through a API. We even developed a new feature so we are able to help you visualise data held behind logins, meaning you have even more possibilities to give your audience the KPIs of your goodness.