Visiting Sophiahemmet is now even safer for patients.

Thanks to the utilization of digital information screens aimed at enhancing patient safety.

Minimizing the risk of infection spread

It’s now even safer for patients to visit Sophiahemmet. The newly renovated entrance in the O-building has been adapted to ensure good hygiene and safe patient flows.

“The layout and choice of materials have been made with the aim of facilitating cleaning and ensuring good hygiene. All to minimize the risk of infection spread,” says Britta Svedin, head of the Service Center at Sophiahemmet.

At the main entrance and elevators, there are touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers. There is a large distance between seating areas, the sofa fabric is wipeable, and the completely renovated and fresh toilet has touch-free containers for soap and hand sanitizer. Even the hand drying paper is dispensed without needing to touch it.

Digital information screens

But perhaps it is the digital information screen that most of all catches the eye. Advice on reducing infection spread is alternated with information about the operations in the building. The screens also display moving material, such as information films on how to wash hands correctly, or the importance of keeping distance. Digital screens are now being installed in several places at Sophiahemmet.

“With our digital communication channel, we can provide clear information to patients and visitors during the pandemic. We can quickly change messages where needed and avoid putting up paper posters,” says Pia Jonsson, marketing manager at Sophiahemmet Hospital.

The screens use software from PLAYipp® and enable, as in this case, scheduling different messages to provide a dynamic and nice information screen in the entrance. With the same software, Sophiahemmet’s communicators can control all their screens and have the right message for the recipient moving around where the screens are located.

In the lobby, there are also high tables where waiting people can work on their laptops and lower seating groups with tables for those who want to have a coffee. Chairs with armrests make it easy to get up, and a stool of the right height is available for those who need to stretch out their surgically repaired leg.

The new entrance was developed and realized by Britta Svedin together with Millimeter Architects and the construction company Betegé.

“The goal has been to create a calm and functional environment in a place that is both an entrance and a waiting room,” she explains.

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Text: Inger Sundelin | Photo: Pia Hultkrantz