PreZero chooses to expand with PLAYipp®

For simplified, changed, and improved internal communication.


The need for unified communication with their employees was identified by PreZero

It became apparent after an evaluation of their internal communication that improvement was necessary. A unified channel accessible to more employees was lacking. For the majority of employees at the facilities, the information was limited to printouts from the intranet posted on bulletin boards.

In 2018, the IT department was tasked with exploring a more productive and unified channel, leading to the decision that digital information screens would replace the printouts. PLAYipp® and another supplier were evaluated, and PLAYipp® was chosen as the supplier, in collaboration with their partner Simplify.

“PLAYipp® excelled in everything – service, support, and the platform. We opted for a gradual onboarding, starting with 13 facilities,”

Christina Jacobsson, a communicator at PreZero

Clear rollout in the organization

To ensure the implementation was as effective as possible, a gradual rollout was chosen where each part had a clear focus.

1. Planning & Installation

Simplify took responsibility, together with PreZero, to plan and conduct installations of the hardware at the facilities to make it as smooth as possible for the employees.

2. Design & Layout

PLAYipp’s designers worked simultaneously to develop a layout for the screens that matched PreZero’s graphic profile and brand. This makes each screen a unique and cohesive part of PreZero’s internal communication.

“Everything went very well and smoothly. The designer at PLAYipp came up with exactly the design we wanted. The training, the available videos, and the support page have also been great support for us administrators” emphasizes Christina Jacobsson.

3. Training

The “Customer Success” team at PLAYipp took responsibility for training the 14 administrators who would initially work with the screens.

“The feedback is just positive. They appreciate that it’s a modern, good, and fast channel. A majority also say that it’s good that they now find the information gathered on the screen,” highlights Christina Jacobsson.


After the screens had been in operation for a while, a follow-up survey was conducted with the staff at the 13 facilities that were started. The employees’ feedback is unanimously positive, especially highlighting the advantage of finding all the information, updated, in one place. This makes employees’ everyday lives easier.


Utilizing screens to enhance and clarify communication has proven successful over the years. Employing screens and the intranet exclusively accelerates and improves the accuracy of information flow for those in need. Consequently, in 2021, PreZero decided to increase their information screens to a total of 54.

“Currently, we publish across all channels, both internal and external, to maximize impact and ensure everyone receives the same information efficiently and swiftly.”