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An easy solution for CEVT.

With 2000 employees in 13 buildings was PLAYipp the go to solution!

CEVT needed a simple and flexible communication solution.

The development company CEVT within the Geely group had problems sharing news and information internally. More than 2,000 employees in 13 buildings required a simple and flexible communication solution.

Easy to consume

– The screens act as a platform to communicate the company’s Enterprise News and we have noticed that as soon as colleagues move to new premises, they feel like they are missing out on news. Our employees move a lot between our offices, which requires a channel that is easy to consume,” says Margareta Nilsson, Internal Communication Manager at CEVT.

Recipe for success

Our partner Office Management introduced the idea of using digital information screens and PLAYipp’s platform to overcome our internal communication challenges. The platform has become a highly successful concept for CEVT.

– We got in touch with CEVT a couple of years ago. They then told us that sharing information internally was a significant challenge. Their sprawling organization with several offices and a large number of consultants required a simple and flexible solution. We proposed PLAYipp’s platform in combination with digital information screens, which turned out to be exactly what they needed,” explains Peter Larsson, Sales Manager at Office Management.

The film above was produced by PLAYipp in collaboration with CEVT and Office Management