5 good reasons to let Digital Signage boost your intranet.

Today most midsized companies have an intranet. The main reason is to enhance communication and ease the information load for each employee.

Reach further and achieve better communication!

We look at five great benefits of pulling information into public screens.

1 – Divided information.

Larger organisations tend to work at different locations, enhance not all information on the intranet is valid or interesting at all locations. With Digital signage you can easily divide information from your intranet and broadcast different information at a different location to be relevant. You can even have locally produced material next to the main articles. Usually not easy with an intranet but a breeze with a digital signage solution.

2 – Use fewer resources.

A lot of editors are under pressure due to the vast amount of information and platforms to publish onto. A digital signage solution is usually filled with great integrations, intranets included. Using these perks quickly lower the volume of work since one source will publish at several different locations and/or screens. Your organisations save time and your co-workers would be less stressed.

3 – Reach colleagues

Survey after survey show how hard it is to reach the intended audience via an intranet. They just don’t log on. With digital signage and a good integration you will pull the most vital information out of the intranet, publish it on screens where your staff much easier can consume it; staff rooms, cafeterias or in the hallways.

4 – Make us be apart of the team.

Most intranet solutions are designed to be consumed with a desktop. Large parts of your organisation don’t have access to a desktop most of the day. They might not even have a cellphone. By making culture and information flow through digital signage more employees will feel connected to the organisation and to the larger purpose.

5 – Let it be multi-channelled.

In most organisations a lot of interesting and fun things happen on several different channels, your brand is most likely represented on at least one or more of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, teams etc. Few of them are integrated into your intranet. By combining all your channels on one screen your colleagues will have a quick overview of what’s going on and will know where to find more information if they need, or want, it.