Questions about PLAYipp answered by Camilla Magnusson
Head of Extern Communications at Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden's largest center for medical training and research.

What are you showing on your screens?

We currently have most so-called slow material , in public spaces, in the auditorium, and so on. We tell about our business and our brand. The screens becomes a digital billboard and exhibition space. In time, however, we have plans to work more with automatic feeds that give a sense of the here and now. That being said, the possibilities are very many.

What is the best part with communicating on digital screens?

They provide me a new communication channel where it’s very easy to be quick with my information. The screens are an additional channel, very local, which is where people are moving. All our screens are in public spaces.

We still have our website, we email and give out our employee magazine, but I can say that we do fewer publications than before. A poster for a lecture has been replaced by the screens and we can clearly see that the number of participants has increased. More see it as communicated on the screens.

What are the advantages with PLAYipp?

Their individual player, PLAYbox, provides a stable hardware. Then comes the user-friendly and web-based interface that provides so much opportunity, almost so many that you can be frustrated with how much can be done.

PLAYipp helped with a good base and even made templates so seldom users can post things that look great. The system is also flexible, anyone can make it work. And we can get the urgent things out – quickly.

How did the cooperation with PLAYipp begin for you?

We had another supplier from the beginning and didnt’t get a good start with the digital communications. The technology was unstable and required a large initial production and programming. After a while we began to search for a web-based tool instead and PLAYipp contacted of us.