Get into shape with your communication.

With almost 20 years’ experience of helping the hospitality sector, we know how to create finely-tuned machines to achieve success in communication via screens.


Why choose PLAYipp?

Together with PLAYipp, you can find smart and simple ways to create communication that makes a difference for your visitors and members via digital screens.

Some of our 3000 customers

Timer control

The facility to schedule the content on the screen means that it is always relevant.


Local or central collaboration, let the right person upload the right content.

Special offers

Whether you have good special offers on membership or there’s a campaign in the shop, you can display this on screen. You can even display both.

Multi-screen control

We allow different screens to display different material, which means you only have one
interface to work in, so much smarter!


Show your visitors what’s happening today, make it clear where to find what’s going on right now.


We provide all customers with personal support and service, via chat, phone or email. We’re there wherever you are.

Social media

Have your feeds rolling on
the screens and encourage
engagement among your

”PLAYipp is very user-friendly and flexible for us with screens at different facilities
Sara Karlborg
Communications, Friskis & Svettis Strängnäs/Eskilstuna
“We can put in a lot of information that reaches our members and at the same time make the information nice, colorful and fun!”
Julia Fors
Head of communications, Friskis&Svettis Lidingö
”We at BRP Systems look forward to offering our mutual customers, through the integration to PLAYipp Digital signage, the ability to display the right information in the right place!”
Sara Andersson
BRP Systems

PLAYipp is like an administrative HIIT session.

We know there are more enjoyable things than doing the same thing over and over again. That’s why we’re constantly developing integrations such as BRP System. We make sure that whatever you do in BRP System automatically ends up on your digital information screens. Like a digital and administrative HIIT session. With no lactic acid or aches and pains.

BRP Systems
With the integration to BRP Systems you can easily share the information about the next gym session.
Show the pictures from your instagram-feed on your digital information screen.
Website screenshot
With website screenshot, you can display parts of a website directly on your screen, even parts that require login.