Our solution

We know that many people struggle to get information to everyone affected. Not being able to see what is happening, where everyone is, who is off sick today and how everything is going can easily lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. With digital screens, you get the information in a smart and easy way to everyone at the same time. Let’s explain this with three examples:

Exempel från hälso-och sjukvården

How can digital information screens improve internal communication?

Exempel från administrativ verksamhet

Is the effect the same in an administrative business?

Exempel från industrin

Can it suit a company with geographically dispersed operations?

Get an overview

Robyn at the cardiac intensive unit breathes a sigh of relief. At last, she can sit down, have lunch and get an overview of what’s going on on the information screen in the staff room. There, she can see who’s on site and the latest news from her boss and management.

  • Calendar
  • Information feed
  • Campaigns
  • Information feed from the management
Tracking the situation

Ayo always carries the office with him, whatever the time and place. The digital screen in the staff room keeps track of the most important events, such as what has happened and is happening next week.

  • Calendar
  • Information feed
  • Results
  • Present
  • Projects
Natural meeting point

Kim steps into the building shed. The team is gathered for breakfast and a brief update meeting with the project manager. She uses the digital screen to read internal news, the status of the other projects, and tells three new colleagues to start building next week.

  • Calendar
  • News
  • Projects
  • Results
Work according to needs

Do the same as Robyn, Ayo and Kim – use digital information screens to keep you up to date. But start by thinking about your needs, sources and how the information should be spread.

More application areas

Digital information screens can be used for more than just employee communication. Over the years, PLAYipp has helped customers in retail, in public environments, in the property industry and the public sector. In principle, the applications are unlimited.