Digital signage for the public sector and municipalities

Digital information screens do wonders for the success of public communication.

The power of digital
information screens

A screen in the right place immediately gives a boost to any communication. Humans tend to have difficulty resisting light, movement, and changing contrasts. With a message that is relevant, the probability increases ten fold that the recipient reads the content compared to any other source.

Furthermore, the screen can easily change messages depending on where it is located or what time of day it is. Which further increases the probability that the right person is reached by the right information.

Digital signage en typ av informationsskärm

Control it from any computer.

PLAYipp is completely cloud-based. This means that in principle all your information screens can be controlled from a single computer. This provides great opportunities for you to keep track. PLAYipp has built-in clear ways to structure, group and locate your screens so you know which screens your control. Do you want to update 1, 5 or 26 information screens? No problem, it is done with a few keystrokes. You can preview the result “live” and ensure that everything is as you want it to be.


Less work, get more done.

Your residents, visitors, customers or employees deserve information, it is often the blood flow and the nerve in any organization. However, it is hard work to make sure that the right things are in place for different target audiences. In a municipality or in the public sector, it can almost become superhuman levels. With PLAYipp for your digital signage, you can perform more but you work less and thus have the opportunity to make better use of your communicative resources.


Help each other to success.

Because PLAYipp allows endless numbers of editors, you never have to think about who should be able to handle things. But with a clear system for user rights, you know exactly who can update the screens and can therefore share the responsibility. We even allow parts of the screens to be handled locally, then your central communication can edit the rest. making sure all screens have the right message for the right audiences.

How do others do it?

We are often asked how our other customers solve things. In municipalities, we are extra well used in the following areas:

Internal communication

A good way to provide employees with critical and wonderful information, even if work is conducted in different places. View key figures or bring the information from the intranet to life.

Public places

In public places such as libraries, bathing facilities and sports grounds. Bring fun facts or suggest activities, today’s book, opening hours, etc.

Health and social care

With digital information screens, you can clearly show patient information or other health-related information,

Service center

Share important messages, rules of conduct and other information directly to visitors. Queue numbers or tips on nice places to visit are other common practices.

Cultural establishments

Many of our customers want to welcome visitors at the entrance to their concert halls, art galleries or other public spaces.

In the right place at the right time

With digital information screens, you can be in the right place with the right message at the right time – and everything is controlled directly from your computer!