Digital signage for industry and logistics

Digital screens will streamline communication and information.

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The power of digital information screens for industry and logistics.

A screen in the right place immediately boosts information and communication, as humans, we tend to not be able to resist light, movement, and the changing contrasts of screens. If then the message is relevant as well, the probability increases that the recipient actually reads the content compared to any other source.

Furthermore, the screen can easily change messages depending on where it is located or what time of day it is. Which further increases the probability that the right person is reached by the right information at the right time.

Digital signage en typ av informationsskärm

Reach all your employees.

The advantage of information screens is that they can be located in places where information otherwise can be difficult to communicate. They can be in the middle of production, where sound interferes with other possibilities. They replace appropriations in the staff rooms and you do not have to run around posting notes. They can even shorten or replace certain staff meetings as information can be provided digitally.


The importance of reaching everyone.

Having well-informed employees immediately increases well-being and it increases the degree of loyalty, plus a sense of context for those who work for you. Avoiding to feel left out and to feel part of information flows gives a stronger “team-feeling”. Two essential parts for increased workplace engagement.


Full control of all communication.

PLAYipp has a well-developed and easily administered interface where you have control of every single screen, regardless of whether you have 2 or 200 units. This means you can easily update everyone, quickly and accurately. You can even see if the screens are online or not. Effective all the way. You save a lot of time and resources as your communication team control the entire flow from one and the same place.

How do others use PLAYipp?

We are often asked how our other customers solve things. In industry and production, we are extra well used in the following areas:

Internal communication

A good way to provide employees with critical and wonderful information, even if the business is conducted in different places. View key figures or bring the information from the intranet to life.

Communication to visitors

Communicate smartly in waiting rooms, meeting rooms, expeditions or receptions. Create a great way to greet visitors.


Share important messages, rules of conduct and other important information directly to visitors, queue numbers or tips on nice places to visit.

Production / packing / delivery

Share successes and flows with each other and create a business that moves forward – all the time!

In the right place at the right time

With digital information screens, you can be in the right place with the right message at the right time – and everything is done from your computer!


Involve your employees in how sales are doing, and motivate each other to even greater things!

How much to tango?

Being our customer is supposed to be easy and straightforward. No hidden fees, no surcharge but we do help you with both analysis and delivery. We even onboard without the cost. We love customers that are successful!

  • Always free support.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No user limits.
  • Backup on us.

How much to tango?

PLAYipp® Digital Signage Platform
fr. 21.5 EUR
Price is per month/license/screen.*

Our clients say:

Finally, we can communicate the same information to all tenants quickly and easily.
Therese Lidström
We got exactly the design we wanted. Good training via film and the support page is great for us administrators.
Christina Jacobson
Pre Zero