Start with what you need to communicate

To succeed in impactful employee communication it is often seen as an impossible mission. Start by thinking about your target audience and communication objectives, identified information sources and how the information should be shared. Do you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. What do you need to communicate?

The need looks different depending on the organization. Begin by identifying what information you and your staff needs. What would make your business even better?

2. What sources?

To analyze where the information exists or produced within the company is the next step. Often in business systems or with employees in the organization.

Sprid informationen

3. Spread the word!

The last challenge – how do you reach employees in a geographically dispersed organization. The answer is digital information screens. How? In PLAYipp’s platform, it is quite possible to target messages to geographic location, target groups and to set the time of publication.

Costumers stories

Take part of our customers stories and let yourself be convinced that PLAYipp is the most important platform for employee communication.

Informationsskärmar och kunder som lyckats