How does it work?

Easy publishing

With pre-defined templates you can quickly create and update message that follows your graphic profile.

With PLAYipp Manager you can publish messages to your digital information screens in just a minute. Select a template. Click on a field to update it. Enter text or select an image. Save and publish.

You can have an unlimited number of templates for different types of messages.

Digital Signage with QUICKnote
Schemalägg budskap för digital signage med PLAYipp

Smooth scheduling

Make sure you always display accurate information – everything that is published with PLAYipp Manager can be scheduled.

Recurring schedules
Minutes from publishing
Advanced combinations

Flexible design

Use a landscape or a portrait view and design the screen anyway you like. Why not use your company profile to brand it?

Possibility to divide the screen into an unlimited amount of surfaces, use background images, theme colors and adjusted fonts – the design options are endless.

You can for instance dedicate one surface to central company information, while another is used locally to publish rapid office news.

Exempel på skärmindelning på digitala informationsskärmar
Använd de format ni föredrar via PLAYipp Manager

Any format

PLAYipp Manager supports all major file formats, so that you can work with the formats you prefer.

Text + image
Video + audio
HTML/web content
Documents (Powerpoint, PDF, Excel etc.)

Easily managed playlist

Through an easily managed playlist, you can quickly change the order in which the content will be displayed on your screens.

You can also adjust how long each individual object should be displayed in order to give important and/or longer messages extra attention.

When all the objects in the playlist have been displayed the playlist starts from the top again.

Playlist for digital signage
Automatiska flöden för digital signage

Automatic feeds

Keep your screens always updated with, for example, your latest Facebook posts.

By connecting different types of data feeds your screens will automatically be updated in real-time.

Examples of popular feeds: The most recent posts from the organization’s social media channels, the newspapers’ breaking news and financial data (share prices/exchange rates).

Visualization of data

Get real-time feedback or display upcoming appointments and events from your shared calendars.

PLAYipp Manager can be integrated with both your business and the calendar service you use.

Get stylish and well-structured visualizations of your KPI’s or view upcoming meetings, who’s absent, etc.

Visualisering av data via digital signage med PLAYipp Manager
Central and local messages for digital signage

Central and local messages

In PLAYipp Manager you can build a smart structure for central and local messages.

Group all of the organization’s information screens and then decide if a message should be posted to one, several or all screens.

Spread central messages without any delay to the entire organization in a single publication, while the project team only publish local updates to the screen at their own office.

Impressive touch solutions

PLAYipp Manager also of course supports touch solutions.

With a smart touch solution your customers and visitors can access the information they need by themselves.

Interactive maps
Searchable product catalogs
Calendars and events
Registration of visitors by the front desk
Exempel på touchlösning för digital signage
Detaljerade rättigheter för digital signage

Detailed rights management

Detailed rights regarding who that should be able to publish what and where can be set in PLAYipp Manager.

You can for example limit what theme colors, fonts and images that may be used. This way you can make sure that your graphical profile is always followed – no matter who of your publishers that are updating your screens.

These detailed rights add extra security and minimize the risk of errors.


Heartbeat is a monitoring function that checks if your media player has Internet access and is loading data as it should.

Heartbeat sends you an e-mail (including recommended troubleshooting) in case your media player isn’t reporting OK. You can also create schedules regarding who that should receive these notifications during evenings and weekends.

You can also create schedules regarding who that should receive these notifications during evenings and weekends.

Övervakning av digital signage
Support för digital signage

Free support

The PLAYipp support team is always ready to answer any of your questions.

All PLAYipp Manager users have access to cost-free support. Aside from an online help center with manuals, FAQ, and tips, all PLAYipp users also have access to support directly through the PLAYipp interface, via e-mail or over the phone.

Never hesitate to contact the PLAYipp support team.

PLAYipp plug & play
To facilitate the start-up-process all PLAYipp media players comes pre-installed and are 100% ready for usage. This is plug & play for real.

When a software update is available, it will automatically be installed on the media player. It’s as simple as it gets.

PLAYipp can be used on the type of screen anytime. The screen can be of any size and mounted in either portrait or landscape view.

Get started in only 5 minutes:
1. Plug the media player into the screen’s HDMI-port.
2. Connect it to a network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
3. Log in through
5. Publish your message.
6. The screen is updated with your new message.