Features for successful co-working communications.

Within PLAYipp connect we have made sure you will find everything you need for magical, engaging internal communication.

Our aim has been a simple, easy to understand and easy to use a product that is quick to integrate into any organisation. A product for everyone, not a select few.

Social Feeds

Its the perfect way to reach many with the same information
Feeds can be shaped into many forms and therefore you can invent your own mix.
The best place for both official communication and relationship forming interests.
Run a workout club, grub for the weekend and mix it up with sales results?


Never miss an update again with built-in notifications.

Official feeds

These are feeds that are mandatory. Perfect for those everyone-need-to-know-updates.

Create your own

Got colleagues with interesting side interests? Unique competences? There is nothing stoping them, or you from making feeds based on these.

Read confirmation

Was something important? Add “read confirmation” and you will know who has, and who has not seen the information.


Few things can break hierarchy as a chat can and nothing might be easier when you need a response? According to us its the perfect way to gather a conversion that need attention.

One for all, all for one

Create one on one chats or group chats. Whatever floats the boat at the moment. Delete when they are no longer needed.

Competence chat

Got specialists? Give them a dedicated chat and they can quickly help team members in need of their competence.

Share material

Add material and spread it fast across your organisation.

Enhance and improve

Sometimes the best conversation needs an emoji.

Your own wiki

Let us tell you about wiki. This can be your staffs handbook, or knowledge bank, or routine guidelines or dokumentation portal. You get it, it can be many things – Wiki?
Its a great place to collect and share knowledge.
How do I do a report? When do I get paid? Are we off at new years? Classic questions, often simple answers – With wiki, they will become easy to find as well.

Everyone can contribute

Since each and everyone can contribute, you get all competence collected in one single place.

One place for it all

Just link to videos, intranet, document. You might need to create in different places but your colleagues find it all in one single collected place.

Publishing rights

If you need to set publishing rights for your staff, we have it all built-in.


Many questions in an organisation are the same but asked several times. With a wiki, you can find the answers yourself.


It’s easy to miss and invitation in your e-mail. Especially if you don’t use e-mail every day. With Events in Connect you get a shared calendar with all events. Stop missing out on workplace meetings, production updates, launch or release parties.

Adopt to the reciever

Choose which to invite through the contact list.


Will you be attending, let everyone know right in the app.

Sync your calendars.

Download and add to your own calendar.

Your own layout

Each event can have its own look and feel.

Administration and control

To control access, accounts or an app have never been easier. Our customers should never be sitting with endless settings. Our customers want functions for success not settings.

Your own profile

Make Connect your own with your logo and your colours!


Check-in, check-out. Connect lets you know whos at work and whos not.

Give control to whoever you like

You can decide who shall have what rights and who shall be the administrator of Connect.

Growing made simple

Add your co-workers with ease. Via code or SAML.

Whos who?

Stop digging in old e-mails looking for contact details to your colleagues, or your web to find the competence you’re looking for. All your colleagues are on the contact list with updated details.

How much to party?

Doing business with us at PLAYipp shall be easy and clear. We will help with analysis, finding your solution and delivery. Everything is included and you have free support from day one to your last. All in all, it’s important for us that you find your self successful with us.

  • Always free support
  • No hidden fees
  • How many editors you like
  • We handle back-up and operation

How much to party?

Price example: 100 users
fr. 5.90 EUR
Price is per user and month. All included. No hidden fees.

Case studies


8 things to keep in mind for successful communication.

Going from non-existent or sporadic communication with your employees to engaging, present dialogue is challenging, not least for you who are to create and maintain it. Here’s a few things to keep in mind!

Light bulb over yellow background in vision and idea conceptual image
PLAYipp Connect

Wiki har svaret

Wiki kan enkelt beskrivas som ett intranät där informationen kan publiceras och redigeras omedelbart av alla medarbetare.

Web designer brainstorming for a strategy plan. Colorful sticky notes with things to do on office board. User experience (UX) concept.

JOB Meal levlar upp i internkommunikation

Jonas på JOB Meal såg utmaningarna att veta, agera och leverera tillsammans med sina kollegor. Lösningen blev en komplett medarbetarkommunikation från PLAYipp.

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