How much for good Co-working communication?

Most likely it will cost you more than money but a strong app can and should most likely be at the centre of such an adventure. We made sure you get it all when you buy Connect.

Working with PLAYipp should be profitable and easy. Here you pay one cost per license. That’s it!

Vi We make sure to keep adding value along the way. We have regular webinar, educationars and our developers keep hitting those improvements and new features. Everything included.


Whats included in PLAYipp Connect

  • Free support
  • Free updates
  • Education
  • Right of content
  • Partner network
  • No user limit
  • Fixed-price
  • Advisory
  • Highest security class
  • Multilingual support
  • SAML
  • Integrations
  • API
  • No lock-in
  • Cloud-Based

Features & Functions

We have packed PLAYipp Connect with all the right tools for you to be successful in implementing and transforming your communication into a Co-working communication power house.

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Meet the support

Free support

Our support is your support weekdays between 8:00 till 16:00 (CET) Unlike many others we charge no extra for our support. So go ahead, give us a call, or chat us up or just an old email. We are here for you.

Free onboarding

Of course, we will make sure you get going! Our customer success team will be with you from day 1. You are sure to get a running start.

Answered within 2 hours

Did we say we are lightning-fast? Well, we are, really. During working hours we guarantee to answer you within 2 hours. And we won’t let you go before you have a resolution. Your issue is our issue.

Hallå! Hello! Hallo!

We are native in several languages, well at least these: English, Swedish and Norwegian. Should be enough (hope).

Case studies


Sökbar information driver effektivisering och ökar besparingar.

Visste du att vi spenderar nära 20% av vår tid i att leta efter saker som vi behöver för att utföra vårt arbete? Hur kan ett sökande arbetsätt faktiskt effektivisera arbetsdagen? 

Web designer brainstorming for a strategy plan. Colorful sticky notes with things to do on office board. User experience (UX) concept.

JOB Meal levlar upp i internkommunikation

Jonas på JOB Meal såg utmaningarna att veta, agera och leverera tillsammans med sina kollegor. Lösningen blev en komplett medarbetarkommunikation från PLAYipp.


Framgångsrecept för IS Plåt.

Allt eftersom företaget växte i antal medarbetare blev det allt tydligare att det blev svårare att informera alla och att få en garanti på att alla fått till sig relevant information på ett bra sätt. Erik Ralvert som är VD…

Best support you have ever had?

Like scouts we are ready to serve. Hit us by phone, email or chat. We love to help. We even speak Norwegian. And Swedish and English.

Free support
Free onboarding
Answered within 2h