About PLAYipp

Guiding star

PLAYipp provides a commitment to employees across the globe

Core solution

PLAYipp, the prime platform for employee communication on a global market.

Key values

Energy, Commitment and Engagement – three key words - our values towards our colleagues and our customers


PLAYipp would not be PLAYipp without its employees; a team with great skills, strong commitment and a great community.

Being a “PLAYippare” is spreading positive energy, embracing change, sharing knowledge and showing respect. Being driven with a strong desire to join the community.

Together we create relationships with employees worldwide by developing the most important platform for employee communication. Our focus is always on the global market.

PLAYipp began ten years ago with strong motivation and a few local customers and now works with information solutions at an international level.

A Swedish company, headquartered in Gävle, with strong partnerships across Europe and a constant focus on continuous development of functionality and user-friendliness. It has made PLAYipp the preferred choice of information solution for both small businesses as well as multinational corporations.


+4626 - 45 50 600
Nygatan 29
803 11 Gävle


+4675 - 75 00 100
+4416 – 13 75 17 15
Södra Gubberogatan 20
416 63 Gothenburg